Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Democrats Lose Elections. Wake Up Little Susie, The Party's Over.

Imagine working in the media right now. Every single time they check their e-mail, they're wondering if they'll find a pink-slip with their name on it. The entire profession is being thrown out of work, replaced by pornographic-spewing paranoid schizophrenic rent-boys working at Rupert Murdoch's whore house. No wonder the media is so desperate to try to increase public interest that they resort to whatever worked last: Elections!

So we've seen much coverage in recent weeks about these "critical" elections taking place "around the country" (not really) and pundits talking endlessly about whether the election results will signal whether Obama and the Democrats are succeeding or failing in keeping the public's loyalty. Much like the daily polls that we are fed telling us how much the public has been deceived and manipulated by the corporations. Example: do you favor affordable healthcare? 67% say no. Then the politicians say: Well, what can we do, the public doesn't want it. What a con they've got going between the corporate PR system, Rupert Murdoch's whorehouse, and the other one in D.C.

What elections were being held? Pardon everyone if you failed to notice. A dog catcher here, commissioner of elections there, school superintendent in some other place. Do any of these people have the power or authority to get a national healthcare system for Americans, to end these illegal wars, to invest in our own country and create good paying jobs? No. Not at all. But we see the governor of Virginia and New Jersey moved from the D column to the R column. Is this significant? Who knows. Who cares?

I suspect the Democrats will claim that because of these "disappointing" election results, they will have to do even less than they have already done, and since they've done nothing, that's a real challenge. You know, bi-partisanship and all. They pretend that they want the Republicans' support, but only 20% of the public is Republican. The Democratic leadership is ignoring the Democratic voters, their own voters, the progressives, the people who elected them.

Here's my advice to the Democrats: Wake up little Susie, the party's over.

We already heard one of the Democratic leaders in Congress say that a vote on a healthcare system is unlikely by the end of the year. Why? Just vote on the pending proposals for medicare for all. Or just implement the same type of system they have for national healthcare in Israel. Get a xerox copy of it and vote "yes." They don't even have to do any real work, because other countries already have the blueprint for how to make it work.

Take Israel, for example. Doesn't everyone in Congress love Israel, or at least love all the money they get from Aipac, love the Israeli program of genocide against the Palestinians? If Congress loves Israel so much, why don't they just adopt for Americans the same national healthcare program that Israel provides to its own people? Which, by the way, includes dental for the kids. I think we should have dental for everyone, since it now is being shown that dental care is related to many serious health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

But let's just start with free flu shots. Do you understand that there is a deadly pandemic that could kill millions of people, and our own government refuses to get vaccines and provide them free of charge to all American citizens? Why do they hate us so much?

The Democrats should not only lose the next election, they should be disbanded, their leadership thrown into prison or at least have their heads shaved and be sent into exile. Honestly, what else do they deserve? They had a huge percentage of the public out raising money, donating, campaigning to get them in charge. Then we have a strong majority in the Senate and House, control of the white house and many of the States. The Republicans are down to 20% of the population.

What have the Democrats done with this overwhelming public mandate for change? They’ve used their dominance to solicit bribes from the big corporations, wall street, and all the rich people in the country, to enrich themselves and ensure that they can continue to buy their position in future elections. They have conducted what can only be described as shake-down operations of every major financial organization involved in healthcare. Obama holds secret meetings with the insurance companies, promises not to pass single-payer or medicare for all, and in return the insurance companies pay huge bribes to the Democratic party. Repeat the same scenario with the doctors’ groups, the drug dealers, the hospital owners.

What have the Democrats done for the public to “reform” healthcare? If they compel 40 million Americans to buy health insurance, that will be another $50 Billion a year (per Kucinich) or up to $200 Billion a year (my calculations) stolen from the public and given to the Medical Industry, to the insurance companies, to the doctors, to the hospitals. What do I get out of this “reform?” Not a thing.

What have the Democrats done to create jobs for the unemployed? Nothing. What have they done to end these illegal wars in the middle east? Nothing. What have they done to rescind the Bush/Cheney evisceration of the Constitution? Nothing. What have they done to bring to justice those who started these illegal wars, those who have engaged in a program of kidnapping, torture, and murder? Nothing. Any efforts to indict, prosecute, imprison the Wall Street criminals who have stolen our money, to seize their assets and really save the country and the world? Nope. The Democrats are too busy collecting “donations” from Wall Street to enforce any laws.

As far as I’m concerned, a lifelong Democrat, I will not vote Democrat next year, or maybe ever again. I would never vote for a Republican, but I’ll either vote for a progressive independent or not vote at all. Something I’ve never done in my life. But these Democrats have convinced me there is no point in voting, the parties are essentially the same. Corrupt.


  1. as my daughter has said "Dad if voting really meant anything they
    would make it illegal" now i really thought she was a bit cynical but
    she is on to something.

  2. I disagree completely. President Obama has done more good in less than one year than any other president. The whole world loves this guy except for some American hillbillies, quacks and far left provocateurs. And the Democratic Party including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are performing splendidly also. You've got to admit it's getting better, it's getting better all the time.

  3. To Anonymous of 11/9: Show me what's gotten better. I'd love to hear some good news. As far as I can see, the Democrats refuse to end the illegal war against Iraq, are escalating the war against Afghanistan, are starting a new war against Pakistan and may start one against Iran. None of these countries, just as an aside, attacked us or even threatened to attack us. Instead, a bunch of oil-fascists from Saudi Arabia hijacked four airplanes and flew 3 into buildings. But we didn't attack Saudi Arabia, did we?

    We have no national healthcare program, and the Democrats have never been proposed one. They just are proposing a program to force 40 million more Americans to buy insurance. What about me? I already buy health insurance. The problem is that it, the doctors, the hospitals, the drug companies all charge way too much money. Why not let Americans buy into Medicare? Why not adopt a program like Israel has where people pay about 1/3, employers pay about 1/3, and a government general fund pays about 1/3, and every citizen gets healthcare for free. Is there some reason we are incapable of doing that, other than the fact that our politicians take bribes from the Medical Industry which wants to continue robbing us blind and charging exorbitant amounts for everything?

    What about jobs? Where are the Democrats plans and programs to create good jobs with benefits in this country? What about a national pension system, make Social Security a true pension system that people can live on.

    They won't end the wars, won't do anything to create jobs, won't give us healthcare. They won't prosecute Wall Street.

    I'm a lifelong Democrat. I hoped they would do something to help us, but I've seen nothing. So tell me what they have done. I'd love to know.