Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orly Taitz and Reille Hunter: Separated At Birth? You Decide.

Orly Taitz is an insane lunatic tea-bagger Republican Birther Lawyer who just tried to run for some office in California and lost. She's pretty nuts.

And Reille Hunger is the skanky 40-something woman who had sex with John Edwards and got pregnant (never heard of birth control?) then claimed she had to keep the baby because it had magical powers, all to the tune of millions of dollars she has received for -- having sex with a married man. Then she had sexy photos taken of herself for a magazine, lolling in bed, and just happened to mention that she wasn't wearing any "panties."

Where do these women come from? And why is it they
are so successful? People just throw money at them. Is it the peroxide in their hair? Is it the orange they wear? Does the color orange attract money?

And more importantly, do you notice anything about these two women? They could be sisters they look so much alike.

(Orly Taitz -- crazed Republican lunatic birther-lady in Orange blouse)

(Rielle Hunter, 40-something skank who had sex with a married man but forgot about birth control -- oops -- also wearing orange).

I'll bet both of these ladies is worth several million dollars. For what?

I know this much. Friday is makeover day. I'm going to peroxide my hair to the palest shade of blonde, and I'm going to buy an orange blouse, an orange sweater, and an orange T-shirt. I'll let you know if it brings money my way. Or at least scandal.

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