Friday, June 11, 2010

Jerry Brown Says Meg Whitman is Like A Nazi. What Do You Think?

(Eva Braun - notice the hairdo?)

I can't get over Meg Whitman's pageboy hairdo. She's supposed to have spent $70 million of her own money so far, and willing to spend another $70 million, to become governor of California, a bankrupt state. Jerry Brown says Meg Whitman wants to become President of the United States (God help us all) and that's why she's insanely over-spending to buy herself the job.

Jerry Brown also complained that Meg Whitman is exceedingly manipulative and dishonest in her campaigning. He said that she'll probably be out telling people he's a pedophile, that's now dishonest she is. Like Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda for Hitler.

So now the big stink today is "Jerry Brown Says Meg Whitman Is Like A Nazi."

(Eva Braun: pageboy hairdo. Probably the last adult female I've ever seen with a pageboy. And check out the blonde color.)

Okay, here's the thing. The pageboy hairdo. I can't get over the fact that a woman who would spend $70 million on a primary couldn't afford to get her hair done. So there must be a reason she is wearing the preferred hairdo of 4th graders across the nation, the pageboy, with that odd gray-blonde coloring of a cheap bottle job.

So you decide. Is this her secret way of communicating to the nazis/racists/fascists/teabaggers: vote for me, I'm one of you? You decide.

Above are photos of the most famous Nazi lady of all, Adolph's gal-pal Eva Braun. Then a picture of Meg Whitman with a blonde paigeboy. Hmmmm.

(Meg Whitman: bottle-blonde with a pageboy. Just like Eva used to wear her hair).

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