Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let's Use "Extraordinary Rendition" and "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" On All The Management Of BP. And Declare Britain A Terrorist State.

Don't blame Obama for this British Petroleum mess in the Gulf Coast. Blame Cheney and the oil regime of bush-cheney, and the oil corporations that push for offshore oil drilling. I don't think the federal government knows how to solve the problem, so they can't really move in and take over, as some suggest. And just think about it: BP has bribed our politicians in congress to get them to vote to say that no matter what BP does, no matter how awful, it could never be required to pay more than -- I think it's $75 million in damages.

So if the Obama administration pushes BP, tells them to get the job done or get out of the way, why wouldn't BP just say fine, Obama, you take over and we'll leave and go to some other place where we have billions of dollars worth of income coming in. This is a liability for BP at this point in time, and I'll bet everything they are doing is directed by their attorneys, not by their engineers. They will take minimal steps, shrug their shoulders, until finally the federal government steps in and takes over. Just like the federal government stepped in to bail out Wall Street. Just watch.

That's why I would grab BP's top management, use "extroardinary rendition" or kidnapping as it used to be called, stick them in some black hole secret CIA prison, used "enhanced interrogation techniques" until the problem is solved. And declare Britain to be a terrorist nation, then invade them. I never liked the English, anyway. Our government is committed to that method when dealing with those who commit acts of terror on our country. What would you call destroying our ocean then refusing to do anything to try to fix the problem? I call it an act of terrorism, with the oil being the weapon of mass destruction.

We routinely kidnap, torture, and murder people from other countries, people we say are friendly with the terrorists. What could be a worse terrorist attack on our country than what BP has done? Who has caused more damage to the U.S.: Osama bin Laden or BP? Honestly, I think BP wins. Maybe only 10 oil rig workers are dead today, but in the future thousands of people will likely die from the exposure to the chemicals being dumped in that part of the ocean by BP. So why doesn't our government use "extroardinary rendition" on the BP top management, stick them in CIA black holes somewhere until they "talk," because of "enhanced interrogation techniques," and until the fix they problem. Then send drones to London to randomly blow up houses and kill their citizens. Isn't that what we do to "terrorist" nations?

There's another little problem no one's discussing. What happens when the corporations destroy a sufficient part of the ocean, when there are more "dead zones" than live zones? Do we all die? Isn't that the inevitable result of these types of industrial pollution and destruction of the ocean? That we all die? I believe that is correct, that the ocean is necessary for our survival. Everybody has a doomsday scenario in mind of a nuclear war, but what about the doomsday that results from the corporate destruction of our ocean? Gives new meaning to the classic book "On the Beach." Everybody On the Beach will soon be dead.

Why doesn't our government get tough with BP? Why not waterboard their management? Televise it. It could be a pay-per-view special event, raise money to save the birds. I'll tell you the answer, save you some time: the people who run BP are rich powerful white men. They're "our" kind of guys. They are just like the criminals on Wall Street: white powerful rich men who rape, loot, plunder, pillage, and murder, destroying everything in their path. And our government never enforces the law against the rich and powerful. You just watch, most of our politicians have probably taken advantage of this disaster to shake down BP for more money in exchange for the politicians going easy on them.

I say the solution to the BP gulf coast oil spill is extraordinary rendition of their management, and "enhanced interrogation techniques" conducted in some black-hole CIA site until they finally fix the problem. Then bomb England, get some justice for my Irish ancestors. Then seize BP, liquidate its assets, and use the money to build a new green industry in our nation so we can get off of oil. And finally, get serious about electing politicians who refuse to take money from corporations, and who agree to enforce the laws even against the rich and powerful. It is once again true: the rich and powerful can get away with anything in this country, even murder.

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