Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Our country is broke. Our states are now "failed" states. The United Failed States. Employees are being laid off so fast that the stationary big-box stores have run out of pink slip forms. Unemployment compensation offices have months of backlogs just to process the new claimants.

So why doesn't our government go and grab the assets of the people who have done this to us? The Wall Street Criminals, the financial cartels. After all, money doesn't really "disappear." It just gets transferred from one person's wallet to another person's private secret off-shore equity fund.

When George W. Bush took office Dow was at 10,400, we had close to full employment, and a surplus in the federal government. Things was just hummin' along. Good times. Today, after 8 years of looting and pillaging by Bush and his friends, Dow closed at 7,500, about 72% of what it was in 2000. Not to mention the fact that most people have lost half their savings, retirements, pensions, equity in their homes. Many are now unemployed. So what are we waiting for? Breadlines?

Do we need to have millions sleeping outside or in their cars before somebody will go grab those criminals from Wall Street and take back the money they've stolen from us?
These Wall Street criminals built themselves palaces in which to do their terrible deeds. Today many of the rooms are vacant, the employees fired. Or hiding. Or afraid to walk the street past the angry crowds waiting below. Peering up to the highest windows of those very tall buildings. And yelling Jump! Jump! Jump! at every wall street criminal that passes them by.

Angry crowds could gather at any moment on the streets below the big high-rises of the Financial Cartels on Wall Street, screaming: Jump! Jump! Jump!

Can you believe these people have the nerve to hang a flag on the crime scene? It's kind of like the Pedophiles of America waving flags in front of them as they go about their terrible deeds, insisting they are true patriots. I think they should surround this building with yellow police tape saying "Crime Scene. Keep Out."
Jump! Jump! Jump! the crowd might cheer to the people hiding inside the buildings on Wall Street.

I want my money back. If these Wall Street Criminals don't have the decency to jump out of their windows, then we need to go up and arrest them, seize their assets, try them, and send them to prison for the rest of their lives.

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