Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Says The Teabaggers Are Racists? I Do, I Do!


"Teabaggers" is a cruel nickname used by most people to describe a group of Americans, many of them old, all of them feeble-minded or suffering from mental illness and incapable of rational thought or responsible behavior, most of whom should be institutionalized and probably medicated to keep them calm. But the authorities periodically allow them to have little "outings" to their local parks, where they wander aimlessly and shout things that make no sense at all.

They like to draw pictures with crayons, like little kids, so local communities often have little craft play-activities for them to make signs for their outings. What they write on their signs makes no sense, it's completely irrational, just the mindless ramblings of the criminally insane.

Sometimes they take individual teabags and tie the strings around their ears, then when they shake their heads, they like to watch the teabags swing around and hit them in the eyeballs. It's very disturbing to watch. The poor things. They are a pitiful group. There may be a genetic link that causes this, because it seems to be confined to "white" people, many of them from the southern part of our country.

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