Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Rescind The "Free" Trade Deals And Get Our Jobs Back!

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is just a corporate front-group, just like the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) are corporate financial arms. They are not independent, they do not represent the citizens of any nation, they do not want anything better for the world. Their goal is to put corporations in charge of everything in the world so they will own all the resources and dictate all the laws that govern most issues affecting peoples' lives. The draft version of the treaties that leaders of governments sign -- like Nafta, for example -- are prepared by corporations to solidify their stranglehold, expand their rights, and prevent the citizens of countries from being able to legally do anything stop WTO and corporate control.

Bill Clinton signed nafta knowing full well it would cause millions of good paying jobs to leave this country (Ross Perot told him it would), and that there would be no new jobs created to replace them, which means a new condition of lower wages (because of competition in the workforce) and higher permanent unemployment. In other words, the majority of people in this country, the working people, would be crushed. When Bill Clinton left office he supposedly had a net worth of under $1.0 million. But he and the Mrs. invested in India, one of the nations that benefited enormously from Clinton's trade agreements. And Clinton received hundreds of millions of dollars after he left office from Wall Street, the banks, and the wealthy controlling elite from countries around the world. Why did they give him all that money? Because his actions in signing onto the "free" trade scam made these foreigners even richer, put Wall Street and the banks into a position to begin a looting spree in this country to steal everything not nailed down.

Given this background of betrayal, the only reasonable response is to rescind all these agreements and start over, with protective barriers in place to allow new businesses to start up without being undercut by overseas (i.e. American money that has been hidden oveseas) companies flooding the markets to drive the new industry out of business. We need to make everything here: clothes, shoes, coats, grow our own food, catch our own fish. Stop all food imports. We need to make furniture and computers, and we need to have an environment in which creative software businesses can develop new products without being crushed by predatory monopolies like Microsoft, which means Microsoft and all the other bloated businesses in this country need to be busted up in anti-trust lawsuits, broken down into smaller businesses that do not have the resources to dominate the market. This would include every business on Wall Street.

We don't need to fiddle with these treaties. Some people insist that if we enforce environmental and labor regulations, that would change everything. But honestly, unemployed Americans don't benefit just because Chinese workers get a fifteen minute break twice/day, or if their wages are increased from $1.00 to $2.00/day. This is backwards liberal thinking. It is not our job to control business in China -- they've got their own situation, let them take care of it. We need our own businesses here in this country, and that will not happen just by having environmental or labor standards enforced in China. Bring the jobs back here.

I would also ban imports from any American business that claims its principal place of business is in the U.S., but most of their products are made overseas. If they are made overseas, the business should permanently move overseas. Adios traitors. Or, if they want to stay here, they will have to begin making their products here in the U.S.

We, the working people of this country, have been betrayed. We have been betrayed by both major political parties, Democrat and Republican, which have sold us out for money. The politicians sell their votes, solicit bribes, get rich, and destroy our lives. They have more in common with each other and with foreign rulers than they do with the citizens of this country. We need to start telling them what to do, beginning with rescinding every trade agreement, and investment in new (worker-owned) businesses in this country.

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