Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mike Brown Lynched Again.


Mike Brown, a teenager from Ferguson Missouri, was shot down and killed in the streets of his small town this summer, shot by a cop.  12 bullets to make sure Mike Brown was dead, as he walked home.  Mike Brown was black, and the cop was white, as was the prosecutor who just convinced a grand jury that the cop should go free, no charges, no trial, no consequences whatsoever to his decision to shoot and kill an unarmed teenager. 

The killing of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood wannabe-cop, and the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri by an actual cop, has drawn the attention of the nation, and perhaps the world.  It shouldn't.  One black man is killed in the U.S., by the police, every 28 hours.  It's almost a daily occurrence.

The black population in this country is being re-enslaved.  Their schools are allowed to deteriorate, and sometimes completely shuttered, because our society does not need to educate black people.  There are no jobs for them, no place for them to go, so why bother. 

Their jobs (along with those of many white people) have been sent to China.  Wall Street and the corporations like using slave, child, and prison labor in China.  It allows them to make goods very cheaply.  All that was needed was to bribe the U.S. politicians to allow them to import those goods back into the U.S., to sell in this country.  The politicians took the bribes and passed the laws written by Wall Street and deceptively called "Free Trade" laws, so now we have high unemployment, low wages, and an entire sector of our society that is treated by those in power as refuse.  There's simply no use for them.  Nowhere to put them, no reason to educate them.  No jobs.  No opportunity.  No hope. 

Some of them are simply left to live out their lives in extreme poverty, with horrible food, no healthcare or dental, no public transportation, dilapidated housing that barely keeps the snow off in the winter.  They are unhealthy, and they die young.  Some of them turn to crime at the lowest level (not like Wall Street crime, where the biggest players, those who own our government, steal billions of dollars from working people and get away with it).  Poor people engage in low level petty crime.  Maybe they steal some cigarettes.  Some of them are framed, and many of them at put into prison, over and over again.  The end.  No life after that.

Some of them are just murdered.  Shot down cold by the police or by other racists.  They are demonized, myths spread throughout the nation about the super-badass black guy, so strong not even a tank could stop him, not even the 12 bullets fired by the Ferguson cop into the body of the teen Michael Brown would be enough to stop this monstrous rampage, or so the cop claims.  Godzilla, according to him, lurching towards him (the cop had the gun, so why he was scared?  Mike Brown was unarmed.)  A demon, the cop says.  So, the cop explains, you see, he had no choice but to kill.  Or so he testified before the grand jury, with the full protection of the local prosecutor, another white man.  Just guys bein guys, covering each other's back. 

Mike Brown's friend, an eye witness, testified that Mike Brown had his hands in the air and was screaming "Don't Shoot."  This is after the cop had already fired several times.  He fired 12 times in all at the unarmed teenager.  Made sure he got him dead.  Now people all over the country, when they walk by a cop car, put their hands up and say:  "Hands Up.  Don't Shoot."   They don't want some cop getting all scared and killing them.  Like happened to Mike Brown, according to the cop.  I don't think the cop was scared.  I think he's just a racist.

This white cop goes free.  He just killed a black teenager, an unarmed black teenager, lied about it, and now much of the nation is rallying to his defense.  They're actually sending him money.  This is a new way to get rich.  If you can't win the lottery, go out and murder a young black male.  It's very lucrative.  George Zimmerman got money sent to him too, by other racists who supported him in murdering Trayvon Martin.

The black president tells people to stop breaking windows.  I wish he would tell the police to stop killing black males.  The black president tells us that the police have a duty to protect the property, the windows, the glass.  Don't they have a duty to protect the people, too?  When they start killing the people instead of protecting them, doesn't that deserve a word or two from the black president?

We used to have black lynchings, hangings, to control black men, terrorize the black population.  Make the poor whites happy to see somebody else having a shitty life other than them.  Supposedly we don't do that stuff anymore.  I'm not so sure.

Then we had J. Edgar Hoover, head of the F.B.I., who targeted, framed, imprisoned, murdered black men and women who were politically active.  Meaning they demanded equal rights.

Today, nothing so fancy.  We just shoot them down in the streets, like rabid dogs, and everybody in a position of power says nonsense like "we must respect the grand jury."  Why on earth would anyone respect a jury that acquits white men who murder black men whose only crime is walking down the street where they live.

Okay, I'm being unfair.  Trayvon Martin's "crime" apparently is that he wore a hoody.  According to Geraldo Rivera, he was practically asking for it, wearing a hoody.  Who knew?
Michael Brown's crime is that he shoplifted some cigarettes.  Executed for shoplifting.  Can you imagine if it was the 16 year old very white, upper middle class Taylor and her bff Brittany who shoplifted, then were gunned down by a local police on the way home?  Shoplifting cigarettes.  White kids aren't murdered for shoplifting cigarettes.
This cop in Ferguson should have been indicted, and there should have been a public trial.  These secret trials which have become so popular in this country, secret trials for "terrorists," secret trials for getting wiretaps on every phone in America, secret everything.  When the government keeps the public out, keeps things a secret from us, then we have arrived.  This is a police state.  They do what they want, they kill and imprison who they want, they spy on all of us, and they hold secret trials.  Like the grand jury in Ferguson.  Throw the remnants of our legal system in the garbage, along with the laws which our government officials routinely disregard.  The President has a kill list on which he lists people, including Americans, that he claims he can have killed at any time, no arrest, no charges, no right to counsel or appeal, no trial, no examining witnesses, just kill them.  I guess this white cop in Ferguson had a kill list too.
Of course a few people rioted after it was announced that the cop would go free.  The U.S. attorney general said something about the need to "study" the crowds, try to figure out how to stop people from being violent when they protest against having their children murdered by cops.  Good luck on that one, bud. 
How to end this?  Redistribution of wealth.  The ruling classes in this country, Wall Street, the corporations, the politicians they own, have stolen almost everything of value, and left the rest of us with less of everything, less income, less security, less education, less opportunity, less hope, nowhere to turn and no way out.  They think they can keep squeezing us and we'll be obedient, quietly go to our graves.  Not likely. 
What we need is to radically redistribute wealth in this country, most of which is stolen in any event.  Pass a wealth tax, a financial transaction tax.  Tax the rich 90% of their income and capital gains, and use that money to create good jobs rebuilding our infrastructure, schools, public transportation.  Build nonprofit facilities for the old and sick to replace the death traps called nursing homes.  Broken glass is not really a crisis.  Broken people is the problem.
"What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth.  Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.”
Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth.

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