Saturday, May 19, 2012

When will this country finally give women equal rights under our laws?


The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in Congress in 1923.  It has still never been passed.  That's because the mostly-male Congress believes women are inferior, and not entitled to legal rights.  Here is the "radical" language of that amendment:  "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."


  1. Did you know that the ERA is BACK, "still viale and contemporaneous"?
    There's a large and growing movement across the nation. ERA has been introduced every year since it barely missed passing by ONLY 3 STATES! Seven states are now filing ratification bills to fill that gap and pass the ERA into the US Constitution.
    I know, because I run one of them--Florida--and help mentor the other 6 while helping to shepherd a brand-new, speedier bill before US Congress (HJRes 47, SJRes 39). I am Sandy Oestreich, email me and our 300 000 in Natl ERA Alliance, See our fullsome for latest details.

    Oddly, men in general are not the barrier to 3 more ratifications. THE PROBLEM ARE THE REPUBLICAN STATE LEGISLATORS IN Arkansas, Florida, Illinoois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada and Virginia, the ERA-active states now.
    Follow the $$$: Republicans are joined at the hip with Big Business. Corporations, with deep campaign-funding pockets REFUSE to pay women equal wages for the same jobs, no Ladies First there! So, Republican politicians do the bidding of the deep pockets, thus these states currently make glacial progress. We all agree, WE ABSOLUTELY WILL DO THIS. Florida has been at it for TWELVE YEARS, 18/7 non-stop.

    Just to let you know that ERA is back on track. And the Republican vile War on Women (not just about repro rights, though they are an anathema) IS CREATING A FEEDING FRENZY FOR ERA! Yaaaaay, we say. FINALLY.

    EVERYONE IS WARMLY WELCOMED at, the most comprehensive, correct and current site...and to

    Go, and marvel at our 7-state work: "They don't call us 'Honey' anymore!" Go, see what YOU will do by clicking on "Do it NOW" button at top. Sandy Oestreich, founder, Natl ERA Alliance; fmr elected official; prof. emerita... I WANT TO CHAT WITH YOU.

    1. Sandy: I'll go to your website. Glad to hear you're still at it. It's just so astonishing to me that our government refuses to pass a law saying women are entitled to the equal protections of our legal system. It's horrible.