Thursday, January 19, 2012

Republican Presidential Primaries: Is That All There Is?


Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing. Let's break out the booze and have a ball, if that's all there is.

What does the crop of Republicans and their supporters tell us about that party, other than that it is disintegrating, that their little pet rattlesnake has come back to bite them? Anybody-But-Willard is one theme. They don't like Mitt Romney. Probably mostly because he's a mormon, and despite the recent propaganda campaign by the mormons, they're really not Christians, at least not like the southern baptist variety of the species, not like the evangelical born-again end-timers. So that's one thing. An Un-Romney is always the choice. Mitt Romney, somebody somebody, or "Other," a big crowd chooses "Other."

Romney is the rich white male with good hair, a predator, accomplished liar and plunderer of the nation, the perfect Republican candidate. But those damned born-agains, the teabaggers, the "values voters," they don't like him.

So who do they like? For awhile they liked Herman Cain, but I think they just liked him so they could say "see, we're not racist, we have blacks in our party too." Then Rick Perry had a few moments of hallelujahs, before he exited. The other mormon guy, supposedly the church elders told him to drop out. Ron Paul is not really a Republican so he doesn't count.

So we're left with Newt the Gnome, the most corrupt, lying, despicable, whoring, promiscuous politician we've seen in decades, a sinner with a one-way ticket to hell who changes wives like most men change socks, who changes religion like most women change hairdos. A man with no ethics, character or integrity. An ugly little troll. He was actually singled out in Congress for ethics violation. In Congress of all places! Everybody in Congress is corrupt and has no ethics. It's like being the one prisoner in Attica who's singled out for being a "real" criminal.

And Rick "Call Me Jesus" Santorum, a man who believes he is the second coming of Christ, who has made it his mission to rip the birth control out of the hands of America's (slutty) women to send them back into the bedroom to breed and be breeded by their husbands and masters. A moralist prig on a crusade, a man who always wears a sweater vest like some 90 year old, probably because he's afraid that without it, his nipples might show through the fabric of his shirt. That type of filth, body parts, disgusting, pornographic evidence of the forces of evil and temptation at work here on earth, Lord Hear Our Prayers. We know a lot about moralistic Catholic men who hate women. Our nation is littered with the victims of these men.

Apparently the born-again fanatic evangelical Christian end-timers would support a fanatic right-wing Catholic but not a mormon. Odd distinction, since those southern christians always secretly say that Catholics aren't "really" Christians. Maybe we're "Marys." You know -- for "worshipping" the mom. She was a virgin and she had a baby, so my hat's off to her. Not something you see every day.

Note that the one thing none of the candidates has articulated is a plan to save the country, create jobs, help the unemployed, provide our people with education and healthcare, fix our infrastructure, care for our elderly and disabled, end the wars (except Ron Paul -- he wants to end the wars). None of the candidates have a platform to do anything except talk shit (Gingrich), plunder what remains of our nation (Romney) and establish a forced-breeding program for all us females (Santorum). Lord help us.

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  1. Brother, Breath deep. Don't let these bastards wear you down.

    Old Dude