Monday, May 3, 2010

Wall Street Hearts Chuck Schumer.

In the 2008 fundraising cycle, look at Chuck Schumer's biggest donors. Wall Street loves him. Think you can count on the Democrats to do anything to rein in these Intraspecies Predators on Wall Street, those who have stolen our money, looted our country? Don't count on it.

Donor # and ID:

1 Citigroup
6 Goldman Sachs
7 Morgan Stanley
9 Lehman Brothers
10 J.P. Morgan
11 Merrill Lynch
12 Cantor Fitzgerald

I'm sure Chuck Schumer would claim that the money he takes from Wall Street is just nice, but does not influence his vote. I'm sure most of the public would believe he is corrupt, and he votes how Wall Streets tells him to. In fact, the reason our country has been looted by Wall Street is likely because our politicians take bribes, and refuse to do anything to hold these criminals accountable.

But even if Chuck Schumer swore he did not change his votes to please his donors, the fact is that most of the public will believe he is corrupt, that our Congress is corrupt, that our government is corrupt, and everybody is on the take, they're all crooked. It is the appearance of impropriety which matters. When people believe the institutions of their government are corrupt, then people stop following the laws. Why should they follow the laws, when their national leaders don't?

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